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Final Frame

I recently discovered Dilbert mashups. Scott Adams (the brilliant mind behind Dilbert) posts one of his strips each day, and then invites you to replace the third frame with your own punch line.

Wouldn’t this be a great way to find creative and multiple solutions to a problem within a project or program? Post the first few frames of the problem/issue/situation, and then ask team members to fill in the last frame with a solution. Having only one frame in which to ‘solve’ the problem forces each person to focus and communicate their solution succinctly. The group can then browse each other’s strips and use them as springboards to find the best solution.

I haven’t had a chance to implement this, but I have done a few Dilbert mashups. I strongly encourage you to do the same – it’s a great way to energize your brain when you’re stuck on something or just need to reboot. Plus, who can pass up Dilbert?


Manolos or Dickies?

(image from Blahniks are designer shoes. They’re meant to be wearable works of art that are purchased and worn for the way they look, not to make your feet feel like they’re walking on clouds.

Dickies are workwear shoes. They’re meant to support the foot and be comfortable over long periods of time, not to make a fashion statement.

So what does this have to do with project management? Well, everything.

Dickies shoe; image from zappos.comIf your user is expecting Manolos and you’re managing a project and team that’s working toward Dickies, it doesn’t matter how expertly you plan, organize, and progress through the project. It won’t be successful.

Project management isn’t just about managing the project, it’s about understanding its purpose and your user’s expectations. If you’re asked to design a pair of shoes, first ask who’s going to be wearing them and what they’ll be doing in them. Provide the wearer with examples of different kinds of shoes and ask what they do or don’t like about each one. Learn what the wearer’s perfect shoe is, and why it’s perfect.

Before you take a single step executing the project, step into your user’s shoes.

You’ll save time, money, brainpower, and possibly your reputation by understanding what your user is expecting.

PROjects or proJECTS

PROjects are nouns: they’re tasks, undertakings, they have a beginning and an end.

proJECTS is a verb: to cast forward, contemplate, communicate clearly.

So which one is it in ‘pointC projects’?

Well, it’s both. Through this blog, I’ll share tips and thoughts to help enhance your projects and tasks, and take them further than just their end. But I also hope that by doing so, your work is projected forward – to new ideas, conversations, collaborations, and success.

So here’s to future pointC projects and the hope that pointC projects.