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What does a project manager do? (Part 3)

Continuing with my previous posts (Part 1, Part 2) about what a project manager does, here’s Part 3.

The last post got us to an answer, but it’s still very generic. So let’s add a little more detail.

A project manager communicates, organizes, and pilots:

  • What (the tasks which need to be performed)
  • Who (the persons performing, supporting, or requiring each task)
  • When (the deadlines by which each task needs to be performed)
  • Where (the environment in which the task is being completed and communicated)
  • Why (the relationship of the task to other tasks, the project as a whole, and the overall goal)

What about ‘how’? In my experience, the project manager should never define how someone performs a task. That person is performing that task because (presumably) s/he knows what s/he’s doing. Telling someone how to do their job doesn’t usually go over very well.

So here’s the answer I ultimately came up with: A project manager communicates with team members and stakeholders; organizes tasks, resources, and project details; and pilots the project toward a successful completion.

And one final addition: every project is different, which means every project manager probably defines what s/he does in a different way. So how do you define it?


Placing Stones

stone path by Joy Weese MollA key to successfully implementing a project is to set small expecatations. I know that. But apparently I didn’t want to remember that when I started this blog.

When setting expectations, imagine each expectation as a stone. If I place them down one at a time, I can create a path. But if I place  several down at once, I create a bunch of little piles that keep me from getting where I need to go (at least efficiently and comfortably). In setting the expectation that I would post three times a week, I created an obstacle course for myself: I get past all three, or none.

So I’m taking apart my piles and adjusting my expectation: I will post once a week. If I happen to have room for a few extra stones, I’ll put those down one at a time, too.

How about you? Are you creating paths or obstacle courses?

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PROjects or proJECTS

PROjects are nouns: they’re tasks, undertakings, they have a beginning and an end.

proJECTS is a verb: to cast forward, contemplate, communicate clearly.

So which one is it in ‘pointC projects’?

Well, it’s both. Through this blog, I’ll share tips and thoughts to help enhance your projects and tasks, and take them further than just their end. But I also hope that by doing so, your work is projected forward – to new ideas, conversations, collaborations, and success.

So here’s to future pointC projects and the hope that pointC projects.