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Placing Stones

stone path by Joy Weese MollA key to successfully implementing a project is to set small expecatations. I know that. But apparently I didn’t want to remember that when I started this blog.

When setting expectations, imagine each expectation as a stone. If I place them down one at a time, I can create a path. But if I place  several down at once, I create a bunch of little piles that keep me from getting where I need to go (at least efficiently and comfortably). In setting the expectation that I would post three times a week, I created an obstacle course for myself: I get past all three, or none.

So I’m taking apart my piles and adjusting my expectation: I will post once a week. If I happen to have room for a few extra stones, I’ll put those down one at a time, too.

How about you? Are you creating paths or obstacle courses?

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Short and Sweet

One of my favorite blogs is Drew’s Marketing Minute,which recently had a post entitled “What’s your defining sentence?” Drew was promoting the idea that each of us should come up with a one-sentence answer defining what we do and making sure we do it in a way that piques someone’s interest. I admit I’m still working on mine.

In the meantime, I’m going to start doing this for each of my projects, and I think it can be a great exercise for any project manager. Think of it as your project’s elevator speech. During a 30-second elevator ride, you probably don’t have the time to describe the entire project, or more importanly, why you’re spending time on it. But by squeezing the what and why in between a capital letter and a period, you can educate and impress all at once!

So what’s the short and sweet description of your project(s)?